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About Us

The Jeanettes are a vocal quartet harmonizing to retro hits from iconic artists like the Shirelles, the Marvelettes, and the Chordettes. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the lively ladies perform original arrangements of 1950's and '60's doo-wop, barbershop and girl group favorites. Audiences swoon for their toe-tapping beats, eye-catching style, and sweet, soulful harmonies.

Traveling across the Bay Area the Jeanettes have performed at everything from corporate events (Google, Microsoft, Gig), burlesque shows, and cabaret shows (Piano Fight, El Rio) to private parties, farmer's markets, street fairs, and senior centers.


The Jeanettes also happy to do holiday caroling for events large & small. Ho Ho Ho!

Rave Reviews!

“Not only were The Jeanettes easy to work with from a production standpoint, they brought the house down! Each member of the group brings their own special flavor, and they combine for quite a delicious treat to the ears, eyes and brain. They brought us through music history, giving an education and bestowing a new appreciation on all the audience members. I'll be hiring them as often as I can.”  

-- Dottie Lux, producer of Red Hots Burlesque


"The Jeanettes are a joy to work with, and their golden voices and gorgeous harmonies were a fabulous addition to our show.  We look forward to having them back to perform with us again."

-- Jim Sweeney, producer of Hubba Hubba Revue


"It was such a pleasure meeting and having The Jeanettes perform at my event. They were spectacular: their voices, the perfect harmonization, and the great choice of songs definitely caught everyone's attention at the party. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a sweet and lively act to invite The Jeanettes."

-- Melanie Lok, St. Francis Wood Women’s League


"The Jeanettes are a delightful addition to any event.  With engaging harmonies and an endearing presence, unplugged or plugged, these ladies are sure to entertain all types of crowds."

--Julie Zielinski, NoisePop


Meet the Jeanettes!

Jean Walsh

Founder, Alto 1, Head Chef

Jean has been singing, harmonizing and hamming it up since she was a little girl. She’s been involved in a variety of acts, ranging from dorky high school choirs in her hometown of Colorado, to singing alto in an cappella group in Washington, DC, to forming and running a 9-piece original funk band in New York City and doing improv comedy here in San Francisco. In 2013 she posted an ad on Craigslist looking to start a fresh, fun new project in the Bay Area -- and the rest is history. She loves Prince, the Andrews Sisters, and any music with tight, juicy harmonies.


Fun Fact! Jean paid her way through college with the profits from a tie-dye clothing store she started at age 17.

Amber Schadewald

Copywriter, Soprano 2, Lead Kazoo

Amber is a Midwest hobby-farmer’s daughter. She didn’t grow up tending to the herd or churning butter, but she does know how to drive a tractor, make hotdish, and elongate her vowels. This second soprano has harmonized in many a traditional choir, competing ensembles, a cappella groups, and dark karaoke lounges. She loves Peggy Lee and twistin' the night away to 60s hits. 


Fun Fact! Amber practices her Jeanettes' parts while biking across San Francisco. Keep an eye out for a speedy "black bat" and your ear perked for the in-transit tunes. 


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Peggy Dove

Stylist, Soprano 1, Jeweler-In-Chief

Peggy tickled the ivories a bit as a kiddo but eventually discovered the joy of singing, and she has been belting out tunes ever since!  Peggy also sings with other Bay Area bands, performing a wide range of tunes (and notes!) from Teena Marie to Katy Perry to AC/DC in addition to the Jeanettes' retro selections.  When not singing, Peggy can be seen (literally) running around the Bay Area....eleven marathons and counting!


Fun Fact!  Peggy is a former mechanical engineer and a former elementary school teacher!


Rhonda C. Kinard

Bassist, Bowtie Badass, Cool Cat

Rhonda grew up in Oakland, CA, and she has been performing on strings and things since her days in college. She's adept at many musical styles including ska, prog-rock, motown, and merengue. When she's not playing music with a variety of Bay Area bands, Rhonda can be found driving to rehearsal. Rhonda loves the music of Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers. 


Fun Fact! Rhonda has collected enough neckwear to go four months without wearing any tie twice. 

Natanya Montgomery

Peace Keeper, Alto 2, Music Director

Bio coming sooooooon....


stuff stuff stufff


she likes white rice

she dislikes cats

she LOVES barbershop / beautyshop quartets and harmonizing with other cool lady voices. 


Fun Fact!  Natanya doesn't know how to paralelle park! 

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